Breastfeeding Pillow -Blue Theme

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  • Gives an exciting motherhood experience
  • Fluffy, comfortable and soft
  • Ensures adequate support for mother and child during breastfeeding.
  • Playful and  unique fabric to give mother and child the perfect ambiance
  • Affordable
  • Durable


Breast feeding Pillow

Motherhood is an amazing journey and We are here to provide all mothers with a comfortable and remarkable experience. Our Breastfeeding Pillow -Blue Theme is soft and firm. Set to provide maximum mum and baby support throughout the nursing period. Moreover, Iit gives the baby maximum support and creates a balance for the mother during breastfeeding. It is filled with rich fiber that provides firm support to the baby during breastfeeding. It can also be used to train the baby on how to sit properly. Get the Breastfeeding Pillow -Blue Theme here today…

The Nursing Pillow is the perfect choice for mothers with back problems especially after the CS section to prevent them from straining during breastfeeding sessions. They come in a playful cotton floral fabric that is friendly to the baby’s skin and does not cause irritation and creates the perfect ambiance for mother and child. The Nursing Pillow is the ideal choice to ensure your baby’s physical growth, comfort, and stability. Nursing can be hard on the back and shoulders as the mom works to hold the baby in a supportive position. The pillow provides support for mom. Put the open end of the pillow around mom’s waist and rest baby safely on top. The shape of the pillow helps hold the baby close and allows mom to rest and relax while the baby is nursing. When the pillow gets messy simply remove the cover and in the washer and dryer. The pillow is designed to hold its shape and firmness. Pillow and its cover, Fibre filled.



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